The McCarthy Family Tree

Descendants of Slught Fineen Duff (or Sliocht Fyneen Duff of Ardeanaught)

also known as Ardeanacht, Ardcanacht, Ardcanaght, Ardanaght

Welcome to this McCarthy family tree dating back to the 16th Century but with a clear focus on the more recent past.

How to use this family tree:
Please follow the links on the index pages where you can select people in the tree by surname, first name etc.

Once you have selected a person, and there is information on that person, a tree image should appear on the right panel.

This McCarthy family tree site is dedicated to Terence McCarthy and his passion for looking into the McCarthy family roots.

Special thanks:
A very special thanks to Stephen Williamson who has been extremely helpful in getting parts of this family history together.

The site is registered to Richard McCarthy.Please email me via the webmaster